Camille Harrison


Ever so often, a song comes along that sweeps everyone up in its lyrics, melody and message; you haven’t heard it before, but it seems to have been part of your life’s soundtrack for years. The appeal goes beyond genre or demographic – it just feels good, whatever your age or walk in life. A song like that lasts for generations, an anthemic touchstone that becomes a part of society’s fabric.

“The Jelly Bean Jar,” the latest release from  Nashville/Memphis songbird Camille Harrison, is that kind of song. Harrison’s career as a performer, songwriter, producer and recording engineer has taken her around the world and to every corner of America; whether nailing parts as a session singer in Nashville, wowing audiences on concert stages and in clubs, or tracking custom albums for other artists, she’s built a reputation as a “pro’s pro” who can make the music come alive. Drawing from that deep well, Harrison and award-winning co-writer, Don Pfrimmer, spin “The Jelly Bean Jar’s” poignant, positive lyrics into a melody most will sing along with on their second hearing. Have you heard it before? No, it’s new and original – it just seems like you’ve known this song all your life.

Released as a single, “The Jelly Bean Jar” sports a top-drawer arrangement and world-class production – not to mention Harrison’s sweet/bright/delightful vocal turn. Just in time for the holidays, “The Jelly Bean Jar” is available for download on iTunes and other stores.

Get ready to warm up, cheer up, and step up to sing along with “The Jelly Bean Jar”!